Michael Horne Florist
312 Camden Road | Wadesboro, NC 28170 | (704) 694-4000 | Mon-Sat 9:00-5:30

About Us

Brothers Michael and Alan Horne are committed to offering the finest flowers, floral artistry, plants, gifts and home accessories, as well as exceptional Christmas and Holiday decorations. Our parents raised us with a love for nature and gardening. Our parents, Mabel and Claude, as well as our Grandmother Ruth Harrington, had a love for flowers that has deep rooted memories for us.

We simply want the freshest flowers of integrity for you. We are devoted to bringing flowers from all over the world into your lives. Passion is another word for flowers and their important role in today’s marketplace. Flowers always reward us with their simple nature, beauty, color and add breathe to our world. Living a dream, we proudly offer flowers with a love that never ends.

Our journey is simple. We shop for gifts that embrace you with quality, uniqueness and from an “outside the box” point of view. We seek wonderful treasures from the Atlanta Gift Market and the High Point Furniture Market with the idea that “I have not seen that before”. As we live in a world of increasingly mass market sameness and big box stores, our mindset is to break this mold. Visit us online or be welcomed into our Shop in a hundred year old Southern home. Enjoy a tranquil trip and be inspired with our love for flowers, nature and the unexpected.

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